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Broiled Steaks with Compound Butter

To broil steaks first turn the broiler on and pre-heat it to 525 degrees and take the compound butter from the freezer to allow it to soften. Pour the peanut oil in a cast iron skillet on hi heat. Pat the steaks dry with a paper towel. When the oil becomes hot, then place the steaks in the skillet and work them around so that they do not stick. Allow the bottoms to brown for 2-3 minutes and then remove them from the skillet and place them on a cool platter. Pat the top of the steaks dry again. Smear the compound butter on the steaks and then place them on the highest rack of the oven. Use a wooden spoon to prop the door of the oven open so that it doesn't close all the way and the broiler stays lit. Allow the steaks to cook until the butter has achieved a dark caramelization and the internal temperature has reached 135 degrees. Allow steaks to rest for ten minutes before service.

  • 3-4 table spoons of Peanut Oil
  • Steaks
  • Compound Butter
This recipe is:
gluten free
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