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about us...

My father has worked with food from Baja California to Alaska since the late 1960's.  I've worked in restaurants for 23 years, but still have difficulty remembering recipes and so frequently call my dad to go over his recipes.

I created to give my dad a little peace from my pestering, but also to share our family recipes with folks who want to learn how to cook good food from scratch. hopes to facilitate health, well-being and a sense of community through the sharing of knowledge of food that is prepared with integrity and love.


Many thanks to those who have helped shape our vision and make it possible...

Firstly and most importantly I would like to thank my father, Dan Miller, for his counsel, his food and for the opportunity of passing his traditions on to the next generations.

I would also like to thank:

Erin Kistner for her digital eloquence and vision
Kistner Group {print/web design}

Joseph Wallace for his development work on the site

Shane McKown for his film work
Less Traveled Productions

Adam Gullion for his support and work in the kitchen

Kyle Stinchfield for his counsel
Dunn Carney Allen Higgins &Tongue LLP

Michael Cottam for his advice

John Moody for his film work

John O'Neil for his counsel
Metropolitan Land Group, LLC

Susanna Fera for her voice talent

John Bradway for his programming advice

Alyson Clingsong Clennon for her help with copywriting

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